Official Statistics: Entries for GCSE: November 2018 exam series

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Main trends

The main trends for entries for GCSE in November 2018 exam series in England were:

  1. Overall, GCSE entries in November 2018 increased by 55%, from 67,755 in 2017 to 104,710.
  2. Entries in English language saw an increase to 49,585, representing a 50% increase on 2017, continuing a trend of increase over the past 5 years.
  3. Entries in mathematics are 55,125, a 58% increase on 2017, but more similar to 2016.
  4. In 2018, the majority (93%) of entries in mathematics were for the foundation tier paper and the remaining (7%) entered for the higher tier paper.
  5. Entries in November are…
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