Castle Shakespeare: Why study the Bard?

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Let me give you, let me share with you, the City of Invention. For what novelists do… is to build the Houses of the Imagination, and where houses cluster together there is a city… Let us look round the city: become acquainted with it, make it our ete..

T-Levels delayed by a year

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The implementation of the first T-Levels has been put back a year to September 2020.

The new Skills Minister, Anne Milton, announced that the timetable needed to be adjusted to ensure that technical education reforms were “delivered properly”.


Making the cut

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Assessment. It should be simple really: just checking what pupils do and don't know. But assessment appears to have turned into some kind of war, with the legions of accountability amassed on one side, and the special forces of teaching and lear..

My work experience at SSAT

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In the last few weeks schools up and down the country have been giving year 10 students opportunities to experience the world of work. Meaningful WE placements give young people a chance to learn about different roles in the workplace, develop a rang..

School’s out!

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The summer holidays are under way, but for some children, the studying – and the homework – will continue.
It was a moment of pure joy: school was out for summer.
Your school bag was shoved in the back of a cupboard. School shoes went the same way. ..