Language Trends in Scotland

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SCILT publish an annual analysis of published SQA statistics on language trends in Scottish schools.

Language Trends Scotland 2012-2018 (November 2018)
For access to Trends from previous years, please contact SCILT.

Choices young people make regard..

Imagine if… robots ran our schools

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Robots will never run our schools. We don’t believe that robots will ever replace the role of the expert teacher. However, ‘robots’ – which we use as synecdoche for a range of emerging technologies – may well change how we teach and how we deliver th..

Catch up with day two of the #Edtech50 schools tour

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So we’ve been on tour now for three days. Day two was the Welsh leg and we had some fantastic visits to schools. The first of which was to Bro Edern near Cardiff. An iPad 1:1 school, we met with Ceri Anwen James who gave us a tour of the school showing us their cross-curricular use of technology, particularly linked to the DCF (Digital Competence Framework) in Wales.
As with our other visits we recorded a live stream talking with Ceri about the school, their vision and the work they’ve done to make their teaching and learning vision a reality.
Next up we travelled to Fishguard where we visited the Holy Name Primary School and met with Headteacher Abbie Davies.
Next up we then travelled down the road to meet with the co-founder of Classcharts, a popular edtech solution for seating plans in schools.
Keep track of our journey by following the hashtag #edtech50 and looking at the ICT Evangelist Twitter feed. Thanks to everyone who have been tuning in and watching and supporting from th..

Weapon of choice

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Me with an incredible weaponWhat is your weapon of choice? As an educator, what tool or technology would you never be without in the classroom or learning space?
For me, it is quite simple. My one weapon of choice is a dry wipe board and some pens. I..