GCSEs graded 9-1

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Thousands of teenagers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are revising hard as they sit their GCSEs. But, in England, there have been major changes, with a new 9-1 grading system being phased in to reflect a more demanding curriculum. So what..

Five things you can do to make the most of gained time

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I always remember looking forward to getting some gained time once my Year 11s and 13s had gone. Making the most of that time though is always a difficult thing to do. Something always seemed to get in the way. Whether it was other people asking you of your time with their gained time projects, or helping or training others or going on a school trip in activities week; I found it difficult to get headway in the things I wanted to do such as develop schemes of work, refresh displays, engage in some CPD. Despite the cumulative number of hours gained time gives you, it was difficult to show the impact of that gained time. To help with this I came up with a number of different strategies to make sure I was able to make the most of that time.
Plan! I planned my gain time pretty meticulously and set targets for completion. I recorded these on a calendar and shared this calendar with colleagues. I learned to do this in advance of gained time so that if someone else wanted to work with me in ..

Strategies for success

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Earlier this month, HEPI collaborated with PwC to host a roundtable dinner in London on the importance of creating and implementing robust university strategies.

The event was attended by senior leaders from across the region and was the third in a ..