The EDEN interviews: Manjula Srinivas

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Image by Johnny Silvercloud on FlickrMy interview with Manjula Srinivas (Co-co-ordinator of KC BMM in Mubai, India), was fascinating for a number of reasons, not least because she gave me a keen insight into how education is conducted in India.

Oracy in the curriculum and how technology can help

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There’s no getting away from it, oracy is an essential skill. It is something that can be taught and there’s a pretty firm evidence base for it given the research quoted in this paper. Add to this the impassioned article here explaining: “What is oracy and why should every child…

Reflections on the Natural Phenomena conference

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Recently my work has had a strong focus on the built environment: how the decisions and actions of planners, highway engineers, designers and others shape children’s lives. Which has meant that the other side of my work – connecting with educators, p..