Secret #edtech weapons #2 – @Quik_App

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As a teacher, making effective use of edtech can be difficult because in order to get a great looking product to share with children to support their learning can take time. Not with Quik by GoPro though. Don’t get me wrong, I love iMovie and Adobe’s Premiere Clip but whilst they are both relatively easy to use, nothing compares to the ease of use and speed of Quik.
To make a video using Quik is as easy as:
opening the app, choosing a few photos or videos to include in your video, choosing a style or theme saving the video sharing Now you can go a few steps further and insert titles or overlay text, change the music, change the focus point of the video on images you’re sharing, but with a ten photo video, you can be done with the making of a Quik video in a matter of a few moments. It really is that simple:

So how could you use it in the classroom? Well, lots of ways but here are just a few. The only limitation here is your imagination. My suggestion would be to think ‘where do I t..

Shifting the balance of power

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We’re all aware that there’s a general election on 8 June. A great deal depends on it, not least the future of public services, the NHS, the wage packets and livelihood of UNISON members, and life in the UK after Brexit.
But there are many other ele..

V&A museum plans to revive design skills

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The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is launching a schools project to fill the gap in creating a new generation of designers.
The museum wants to revive interest in its specialist areas of art and design, in a project that will include museums i..

The promise and danger of neuroscience

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With the advent of increasingly inexpensive access to brain imaging technology, neuroscience has entered a fascinating period of rapid advancement. The ability to generate images of what’s going on in our brains is hugely exciting, and the enthusiasm..