Family help that’s bigger than aid budgets

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Migrants working abroad and sending back money is one of the biggest and often most overlooked forms of financial aid to poorer countries – often greater than formal overseas aid.
The Pew Research group has estimated an annual flow $574bn (£413bn) of..

Unio by Harness ® a tool for interactive lessons and real-time feedback

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There are so many companies out there trying to vie for your attention as a teacher, middle leader or senior leader. Education is big business and when it comes to technology in education, the costs involved often mean that technology is often the second most expensive item on the school budget after staffing. So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak?
So why am I sharing this with you? Well, if you’re reading this then the chances are that you follow me on Twitter and you do so because you know that I share research-informed ideas, resources and lots of things around technology and its effective use. I wanted to be very clear that whilst this blog post is a sponsored blog post, I choose very carefully the companies that I work with. One of the few companies I choose to work with is Unio By Harness ® who I’m going to share about in the post. While I have you here at the start of the post too, there’s a competition in this post to win a year’s free subscription to the P..

Belonging, friendship and learning

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Image from PixabayFlawed though it is, Maslow's theory of motivation highlights at least one important theme: We are social beings and we need to know that we belong.
Belonging needs are complex and are sometimes misunderstood. Yet most teachers..

Talking with Staff on GDPR

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As mentioned in David’s blog, GDPR can help facilitate some very useful conversations. It has been the case in our school too.
I confess I thought having EU regulations about data on the agenda for a staff meeting at the end of a busy day was going ..