A Novice→Expert Model of Learning

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Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
One of the best understood principles of cognitive psychology is that novices learn and think differently to experts. These labels are domain-specific, not person-specific; I can be an expert a..

Detailed guide: Early years qualifications

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Updated: Updated text to show policy changes to literacy and numeracy requirements and revised apprenticeships information.

All early years providers working with children from birth to 5 years old must follow the regulations on qualified s..

Childcare Works SEND LED Events

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This series of LED events will have a specific focus ‘Making the 30 hour offer work for disabled children and children with SEN’.

These events aim to:

Improve knowledge of what high quality SEND provision looks like (e.g. learning from members of S..

Early years places ‘must reach poorest’

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Young people who went through pre-school education are much more likely to do well in international Pisa tests when they are teenagers, says the OECD.
But the international think tank says to maximise the benefits of early years education, there need..

Challenge the Impossible in the North West

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Challenging the Impossible can come in many guises. For Teach First as a whole, pushing social mobility to the top of the agenda has been a challenge that we’ve recently relished, with hundreds of Parliamentary candidates nationwide having our social..

Transparency data: Ofsted Inspectors: lists

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Updated: Published today: list of Ofsted Inspectors in the early years sector.
The lists have the individuals who have successfully completed all the necessary assessment, training, and commercial arrangements to be deployed on inspections as Ofsted ..