Gaelic Medium Teachers Wanted

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The Scottish Government has commissioned Gaelic Medium Education Scottish National Standardised Assessments (GME SNSA) as part of the National Improvement Framework. The GME SNSA will assess children and young people from Gaelic Medium Education in r..

Old technologies don’t die

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Photo by Steve WheelerWe connect with each other and with information in many ways. Today, more than ever we have a bewildering array of choices, including a variety of means to connect using smart phones and the Web. I captured the image on this pag..

5 ways to use Plotaverse Photo Animator for iOS in the classroom

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Something I often struggle to do is to find meaningful videos to use as backgrounds. A while ago I found a great app which you can use to turn your previously taken photos into animated looped videos, simply by tweaking a few elements in your image. Here’s an example of a panoramic photo edited using this app:

Created by simply dragging ‘animate’ arrows onto the waves on the river and directionally on the clouds and then using the mask tool to draw a dividing line between those two areas we ended up with that effect.

Previously Plotagraph, this app has gone under a number of different guises but they seem to have now settled on ‘Plotaverse Photo Animator‘ which is available for free on iOS. This simple to use app enables you to take photos you already have and use various elements of them to animate them to bring that photo to life. You’ve seen an example above so here are some more ideas for how you could use Plotaverse in the classroom:
1 – Book Pages Why not bring your book cov..