10 university flashpoints over free speech

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Free speech – too much of it or too little of it – has become one of the thorniest and most emotive subjects for universities.
At what point do strongly held views become extremism or hate speech?
There have been violent flashpoints, particularly in ..

Doing the Day Job

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How does higher education policy affect our everyday activities in universities? As educators, is policy at the forefront of our teaching and learning practice? Or is it just a miasma of targets, data collection, new developments and rules and regula..

6 Steps to Getting It Right (More Often)

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The year has started with the usual whirlwind of meetings and decisions to make. It’s becoming increasingly frustrating to see a “guts to action plan” approach, bypassing the brain, with single solutions proposed to deep rooted issues.
I’m not poin..

Are IQ tests biased or meaningless?

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Since my last foray into the world of intelligence testing, I’ve done a lot of reading about the idea that a) IQ tests are culturally biased and b) that the entire concept of intelligence is culturally biased. I want to preface my conclusions by reit..