Action urged to teach children to swim

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Almost a third of 11-year-olds in England leave primary school unable to swim, a representative sample of 1,000 parents of Year 6 pupils suggests.
And two-thirds of the parents, surveyed for Swim England, feared their child could not save themselves..

VIPERS Display

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VIPERS displays have been requested by a number of people. Click on an image to select a set of A4 printable posters.
Remember – KS1 = Sequence, KS2 = Summarise

Read more about VIPERS here and here Find VIPERS novel studies, comprehensions and Film..

Education by Numbers

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The best piece of art I managed to produce was part of a painting by number kit; my mum and dad bought it for me one Christmas. The idea was simple; a line drawing where each part had a number, corresponding to a paint colour, you completed bit by bi..

Jo Johnson: Value for Money?

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Tomorrow, Jo Johnson (the Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation) is delivering a speech to the Reform think tank on ‘Securing VFM for students in HE’. In plain English, VFM means ‘value-for-money’. So the speech could be ten tim..

The impact of academies on educational outcomes

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The Education Policy Institute (EPI) has published a new paper examining the impact of academies on educational outcomes. The comprehensive report brings together EPI’s own analysis, along with research undertaken by the London School of Economics.